Top Tips for Making Bath Time Fun

    Bath time can be hard. The kids aren’t interested, and you’re already exhausted from endlessly cajoling them to get in – and that’s before you start even thinking about washing their hair! So why not make it fun? By eliminating the fear of missing out (FOMO), you can make bath time enjoyable for everyone. Take a leaf out of your own childhood and start making bath time an adventure, not a chore.

    The number one issue kids have with taking baths is usually because they are being asked to stop doing something else that may seem much more fun to them. And, for the little ones, transitioning from a lively activity to a relaxing bath is stress-provoking versus stress-relieving like it is for adults. Any change, whether it be positive or not, can be difficult for a child to process, according to Anxious Toddlers.

    TURN UP THE HEAT (only a little)!

    Pre-fill the bath about halfway before introducing your child to bath time. This helps prepare the scene and can easily be accomplished while your child is finishing his/her last activity. Consider letting your child take control of the water dials to minimize bath resistance. Giving them a sense of control will help make them feel like they’re in charge, and can be a positive exercise for children who are sensitive to extreme temperatures or might be slightly afraid of water.Calling the shots at bath time develops important decision-making skills that will aide them as they continue to explore the world. By experimenting with the temperature dials in the safety of their bath time routine, children learn how to better gauge the water temperature when using a faucet on their own.

    Why not add a little COLOR?

    Bath Bombs: Not only are they often full of stress-relieving ingredients, but they are just plain fun to watch. Bath bombs aren’t for adults only––why not let the kids have a try? The little ones can have fun discovering the toy in the center, while watching the color of the bath turn a shade of blue, pink, purple, etc. Bath bombs are a great way to entertain your child, while diverting their attention from the dreaded shampoo!

    Try This: Engage all their senses by having them guess what’s inside or ask them to describe exactly what it smells like. Games encourage curiosity and kids will be learning without even realizing it––they’ll have no time to complain when they’re having fun!

    Crazy Colors: Another fun activity involves Crayola Color Bath Dropz. Bath Dropz are highly pigmented color pills that come in yellow, blue, and red. Drop them in the bath water and your child can become a scientist or artist by discovering their own colors.

    Try This: Try quizzing your child by asking, “What happens when you mix blue and red?” Or you can step up the game by assessing whether the pigment changes with the quantity of Dropz––who knows what will happen!

    Not only are bath bombs fun to watch, but making kid-friendly fizzes with toys, crazy colors, and even amazing smells is also easy to do! Check out how you and the kids can make your own at Honestly Modern! What is your children’s favorite bath time activity? Let me know in the comments below!

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