Do Like the Locals in Maui, Hawai'i

    'A Personal Touch' To-Do List:

    • Take a boat to Molokini Island (and Lanai, if possible)

    • Drive the Road to Hana

    • Visit the swap meet at Maui College on Saturday morning

    • Take a wicked Zipline Tour

    • Rent snorkel gear from Snorkel Bob’s. They give great deals on all sorts of water activities, and even more bonuses if you island hop!

    • Eat at Taverna; pricey-but-worth-it Italian food that you'll never forget. Perfect for a date! (Yeah I know, but you can get Hawaiian food anywhere!)

    • Eat at Da Kitchen; nice variety of local foods, and much more affordable than Taverna. (See?)

    • Drive to the top of Haleakala Crater (Get a pin if you're a fellow collector.)

    Some Local Tips:

    • There is an app called GyPSy that will tour you across the Road to Hana, and other hot spots on the island. The narrator is funny, understandable, educational and cautions you about slippery roads! At worse, this paid delight is a cheap've got to try it.

    • To find the best deals on activities like ziplining and dinner cruises, try the guy at the swap meet who obnoxiously boasts about his clients owing him a thousand favors (though, ironically, it doesn’t seem to greatly affect the deals made..) Anyway, he’s a haggler! Don’t be afraid to get him down to his lowest dollar. It’s a bit like Deal or No Deal, but either way, you get the prize––ADVENTURE!

    • Try to get your hands on a Turo car instead of an actual rental car–it's much cheaper, and less suspicious on roads where only residents are allowed.

    • On the driving front, don’t honk like a wild mainlander–cool your jets. People all over Hawaii are super chill drivers and will let you through. Be patient.If you’re looking for secret beaches, just ask the locals. However, don't be intrusive–there's a reason they're secret. (Maybe get in with the locomotive with...)

    • My 420 the craft fair, some of the vendors who sell pipes also sell a little Maryjane to go with it. But remember, it's sort of still illegal in Hawaii...except luckily, not that many people care.

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