There's a pressuring stigma around education and graduating from college. I felt it all, and somehow I did it, too. While I'll be the first to admit that my path to earning a bachelor's degree was both in vain and a bit of a fluke, I hold with honor, a B.A. in English with concentration in Creative Writing.

Before graduating from SJSU, I attended community college in LA. The real reason is because I didn't know how to transfer credits from my high schools in England, UK. The reason I state in interviews, is that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and I thought community college was the most efficient way to discover exactly what I wanted. I guess that's pretty true!


As a born-and-trained writer and editor, I have used my creative skills and sharp intuition to deliver captivating copy and designs to many clients. In plain English: I do a lot of funky sh*t, and people seem to like it... (Thank you, supporters!)




Need to put ideas into words? Got something to say, but unsure how to express it? Look no further! I offer every kind of writing possible. Need inspiration? 


You're idea is on paper (or probably on screen), but it needs a fresh pair of eyes. Who do you call?A girl who offers an array of editing services like these!


Truth be told, I am still learning here. While I may not be your gal for logos, I can turn your logo into a work of art (.gif). For more ideas, browse my portfolio, or fire me a message!


Small businesses, entrepreneurs, & authors who have work to show and no website to promote it through are encouraged to look at my freelance examples.


Anything goes here! In need of a letter, a love poem, a flower frozen in resin, a t-shirt design, a name for your fish? You know what to do!